No matter what it still goes wrong

I am very involved in theatre. It’s my passion. As a director I do all I can to ensure that everything comes together perfectly.

But just like life, the unexpected happens.

I used to become very stressed with ‘those things out of our hands’ that simply ‘happen’.

But they do. It’s a fact, it’s life and there is no point dwelling. Of course reflection on the incident is always beneficial but from an objective  and big picture viewpoint.

When things go wrong, as they possibly will, it’s not the end of the world. Learning the skills of covering up, saving the day, thinking on your feet can sometimes save it. Sometimes.
And when it can’t be fixed, sorted or resolved it’s not the end of the world. It’s not.

Let it go, breathe and just ‘be’. Heightened emotion and stress will only make you feel worse and the situation will remain unchanged.

The picture below is from the last show I directed in May this year and the curtain did not go up. There was a technical glitch. Someone ‘anonymous’ took this pic from the stage after the cast were told it would be at least ‘two more minutes.’

It helped me see the funny side…eventually.


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After 32 years of teaching I'm now full time in the business world, developing a business that I've had for 21 years and launching my online magazine Love it all!

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