Your body is not an idiot…

…and neither are you!!

Yes I have fallen victim to the diet industry, supported by a photo-shopped media and television and movie imagery.

And yes I’ve purchased the abdominizer, the total gym and various other products that were going to turn me into an Elle McPherson clone within 14 days or my money back. By the way, what’s with THAT? No one’s going to phone up and say ‘it didn’t work’ because that just translates into ‘YOU couldn’t manage it and eating that cream donut whilst dusting the ‘total gym’ doesn’t really cut it.’


I’ve tried most shakes and soups and whatever the latest fad-diet was. I’m a life member of weight watchers and Jenny Craig (am still a wee bit thankful to the last two during my ‘troubled past’- another story).

I’m a donator of money to many a gym that I didn’t go to for 5000 ridiculous reasons but mostly because I don’t like gyms. I even bought the appropriate active wear.

So after decades of torturing my body and mind and psychologically thanking myself when I’m thinner and disliking myself when I’m fatter I finally ‘got it’.

I didn’t need potions or diet books, or exercise paraphernalia cluttering up the house. I didn’t need to buy soy -milk or torture myself with the sauerkraut diet. (that actually is a ‘thing’ by the way)

What I did need however was to listen to ME.

I was out of touch! My body was like a foreign language. I didn’t listen, I didn’t notice, I didn’t pay attention at all.

There was the answer right in front of me. So at the ripe old age of 54 I found the secret weapon and it wasn’t advertised on the tele for 10 easy payments of $59.95. I’d been walking around in it all my life, just needed to pay attention to my body.

So now, here’s what I do. I listen and I think.

I love to exercise but outside. I was a runner for many years until an injury and age caught up but fortunately I am now  back up to about 1-2km a day, well 3-4 days a week and the rest is walking. (and not just to the fridge)

I love feeling fit and because I’m impatient running suits me fine. For some it’s biking and others swimming or walking or who actually cares – find some sort of movement that makes you happy.

When I lived in a place that was ‘too cold to go outside sometimes’ I loved to get on my mini-tramp (bought for the kids but secretly it was for me) with Walkman on (well it was back in the ‘olden days’) and I’d bounce myself into a huffy puffy heaven dancing and singing away. One of my kids caught me one day trying out some spectacular bouncy dance moves and oh my oh my to this very day he delights in replicating what he saw. I don’t actually care, especially as I’ve done ‘pay-back’ in my will.

Anyway I digress. These days I have a few simple tips or guides or fabulous helpers that keep me within the guidelines of a healthy weight. I can now go missing and when they publish my features I will get ‘of medium build’ (that used to always worry my when I was a bit chubs (big fatty is missing in the lake somewhere)

So here are my fabulous helpers that keep me in my favourite dress size, helps me to feel pretty good in my swim-suit and most importantly my body is healthy.

Monica’s 10 Super Fabulous Helpers to stay body-happy


Yes that’s me in triplicate the superwoman outfit before I went grey.

(I WILL love you if you believe me)


This is MY personalized ‘helpers’ list and I suggest that you make your own one.

I am not a qualified anything when it comes to diet and nutrition other than being an experienced- albeit slow learning member of the human race.

Oh and just to cover myself, please seek medical advice if you’re changing diet routine etc etc. AND this is my  ‘helpers’ list so you can borrow bits but make your own to suit YOU

  1. Listen to your body. It takes time but it gets easier and easier.
    What do I feel like? What does my body need?
  1. Eat your largest meal in the mornings whenever you can. This gives you energy to get through the day and you’ll have less cravings.
  1. If you REALLY want to eat something then eat it but have water first.
  1. Keep in mind that real food nourishes your body and makes you happier and feel better. (we like this) Keep away from chemical food.
  1. Exercise most days and if you don’t feel like it then don’t go. If you want to go twice then do that. Vary it if you feel like it and do what suits.
  1. Now Monica (my list remember) you like nice food but you’re not a lover of cooking so think about what you can make that’s fast and nice and nurture’s your fabulous body (the temple that you get to live your life in)
  1. Don’t confuse hungry with tired. If you think it’s tired then head for your bed rather than the fridge.
  1. Eat protein, load up on the veges, fruit (don’t overdo it on the fructose), grains and drink buckets of water whenever you can.
  1. Have treats when you really feel like it when your eyes and your tummy are in agreement. Mostly you probably just need water so have that first.
  1. I’m going to give up alcohol when I die.
    So in the meantime an expensive largest glass of red a couple of times
    a week keeps me happy. (sometimes I save it up)

That’s all.


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