Introducing Uniquely Inspirational Vanessa

To say that Vanessa is a busy person is an understatement.

It is her positive outlook and absolute love of life that makes her tick! She’s a natural problem solver and focuses on achieving positive outcomes.

She’s married to Cecil, a Mother to three lovely daughters and step mother to two lovely young adults, she works on the farm when she’s needed, she’s a school administrator and Principal’s PA, a lead singer in a band, a performer in Musical Theatre Shows and if that wasn’t enough Vanessa belongs to two Marching teams and coaches one herself!

She is enthusiastic and always keen for  adventure. Her children have the same energy and are involved in a plethora of activities themselves.

Vanessa is proud of her recent 22 kg weight loss as well as the second place her band achieved in a recent ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition.

Take a look at the slide show and see the energy and love of life that this ‘uniquely inspirational’ woman has!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Vanessa has won some organic coconut oil body lotion for being our 200th ‘like’. A fruity mix of fresh Papaya juice and exotic Mango, not only does it smell like a beautiful day in Samoa but it is a goldmine of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and fibre to enrich your skin.



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