Introducing Uniquely Inspirational Chloe

Chloe Heath’s mantra is simple. “Every day offers something wonderful and magical if you choose to see it that way.”

She is a tower of strength with a 120% positive attitude and approach to her son Cayson’s illness.

Born just over a year ago, the first few weeks were pretty good then things became tricky. Cayson has a motility disorder which means his stomach muscles and nerves don’t contract the way they should. Liquids pass through but solids get stuck and take a very long time to digest, even though there’s no obstruction. He had surgery at about 6 months old and has now been referred to a gastroenterologist  for more specialist care. Chloe and partner Carl have spent a lot of time in hospital with their son in immense pain. However instead of being dismayed by the experiences Chloe is very grateful for the great team of nurses and doctors that have cared for him.

Chloe stresses the importance of having the support of friends and family in the small town where she lives and maintains it is crucial that she looks after herself and her relationship.
“Like the airline safety ads, you must put on your oxygen mask first.”
Chloe firmly believes that the only thing you can ever truly do is love your child fiercely and unconditionally and be there. To do that fully when you have a sick child you must accept that you need others to lean on and allow them to support you  while you advocate for your child.
Chloe’s willingness to accept support so that she can give her best self to her child is inspiring!

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