Introducing Uniquely Inspiring Caroline

A freak accident 12 years ago, followed by surgery resulting in medical misadventure, leaving Caroline Dore in a wheelchair has not stopped this inspiring woman from having a life of love, laughter and dedicated generosity.

Caroline has lost time. Her pain relief medication resulted in her life being a hazy blur at times and she remembers very little in the years immediately after she broke her pelvis, had surgery and was left with damage to her sciatic nerve leaving her initially in a wheelchair.

What she does know is that her husband Gary gave up his much loved day job to take care of her and their two daughters. He managed their rental properties and took a job as a night cleaner to supplement their income.  He sold their home and bought another one that enabled their daughters to walk to school.

Caroline remembers one afternoon of lucidity and asked Gary who they were visiting. ‘We live here,” was his reply. “We moved here six months ago”.

Caroline’s sheer determination has resulted in her being able to walk again. While she has a modified car, a full time job is not possible but this has not stopped Caroline from having a full and rewarding life.

A move back to the small town that the family had lived in years before has made life easier. She has become a celebrity as the “Nattering Knitter” and has a world-wide following as she crusades to produce hand knitted hug rugs for those in need.

Caroline updates her followers via You Tube and a Facebook page and encourages more and more people to get on board to contribute to her cause.

Her great sense of humor has been an absolute asset to her and one that her family shares.  “If you laugh, everything is easier.”

No stranger to the stage, Caroline takes advantage of her theatrical side to promote her cause. She uploads regular You Tube clips in her role as the Nattering Knitter. Take a look:

623 hug rugs made so far…..Caroline is giving and loving it.
The secret to happiness and success is not what happens to you but how you deal with what happens.  Caroline is testament to this in all that she does; a truly unique and inspiring woman!

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