Time for the ‘fit gig’

Dear Christmas and New Year

Thanks for all the fun, it was a blast. Special family memories and great times with friends were created once again and this year it was extra special.

The true loves of my life. Note torturous ‘moon-boot’ protecting toe.


What wasn’t so great, however, was the gorgeous food and beverages that came with the socialising decided to take up residence on my hips, tummy and, well most of ME.

As a bonus I had broken my toe so the regular exercise was impossible. I tried really hard to do some ‘no big toe required’ exercises but as I do not love any exercise that does not involve outside and covering distance, I failed miserably. To compensate for my failure I just helped myself to one of the many treats that ‘Santa’ had left in the kitchen. It was momentary madness that satisfied a for a few seconds but turned into a more lengthy regret.

Favourite dresses have had to stay closeted in the closet, elastic has once again been my friend and thank God I didn’t throw out all my baggy tops and loose t-shirts from previous bulgy experiences of my past.

Add to this the curse of menopause which appears at erratic intervals and decides to bring my day down with a dose of the blues, heat me up with power surges or for extra torture reverses any chance of calorie burning so on goes the weight faster than ever before.

As a result of the above this weekend bought a dose of the woes in waves of self-dislike and then plummeting into the abyss of how awful the world is in general.

Time for action! I KNOW that moving always makes me feel better so I did it. 6.2km this morning in just under 50mins. The toe is a little throbby but the rest of me feels GREAT.

The blues are gone and I am happy and content in my world once again. Husband will be thrilled and kids can come out from hiding.

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year and if there’s any collateral damage get those trainers out girlfriend and get your sweat on!




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After 32 years of teaching I'm now full time in the business world, developing a business that I've had for 21 years www.monicamooreproducitons.com and launching my online magazine www.buythedamndress.com. Love it all!

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