Get off your Butt!

A new year – a new opportunity.

We over-think far too much these days. I’m not feeling happy, satisfied, slim, fit, too old, not earning enough etc etc.

We think and talk and procrastinate and seek opinions and Google endlessly.


Right now.

No more.

DO rather than think.

Simple as that.

We’re operating far too much at the ‘think’ level – we’ve forgotten about gut feeling!

Some of us are so out of tune by our gut feeling we’ve lost the ability to tune into our ‘gut’ instinct. Call it what you like but it’s that ‘feeling’ in our gut that tells us what to do – logical or not.

I was reminded of this recently by the fabulous Julieanne at the Harvey Centre

And this led me to following up on a comment made by a friend at a winery on a lovely ‘cheese-boardy-winey-live-jazzy’ Sunday afternoon.

“We should do tap dancing!” she exclaimed.

And there it was the very next day on my fb page ‘

Adult tap dancing lessons – first one free.

So I checked out whether they’d accept a 55 year old wanna be who last tap danced in a show c.1998 and had her last tap lesson when she was 12 and they welcomed me with open arms.

Heidi the instructor is a delight. She has passion for what she does and she’s a GREAT teacher. Chantelle the studio owner and by the look of her ballerina was also lovely, welcoming and put me at ease.

I didn’t struggle with the steps but because my recent tap dancing experience, as in 20 years of ‘recent experience’ involved me shuffling about to ‘the light of the silvr’y moon’ at parties, I really struggled to follow the routines and remember them.

THIS is going to be GREAT for my brain!

I LOVE tap dancing, the strength of it and the broadway music Heidi uses!

THIS is going to make me stronger.

Tap dancing is great for increasing bone density – not kidding!

If you’re a local in Auckland and want to have a go, all the details are here:

tap dancing


Trust your gut, stop over thinking and get out and DO

Buy the damn dress – it’s a metaphor for living!

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After 32 years of teaching I'm now full time in the business world, developing a business that I've had for 21 years and launching my online magazine Love it all!

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