Doing something for YOU

So today I bought myself a brand new pair of tap shoes. I was so excited! Ridiculously excited in fact!

I had to think hard about why I felt such elation.

For years I spent a lot of money on my own kids dance shoes and lessons and clothing and travelling to competitions etc. I loved it all. It was part of my role as a Mother.

Everything IS about your kids for years and years. It should be too. So much love comes from that giving.

So here I am at 55 with a pair of tap shoes and they represent a significant change.

I’m back to doing ‘me’ things, the ‘me’ things I did before I had children

BUT (a big BUT)

This time I appreciate the opportunity and the fun of learning to do something that I love.

I’ve just spent an hour practising my steps so I could tap along to ‘Pennsylvania 6-5000’ once I’d mastered them. I had to write them out and practise them until they actually worked their way into my very decrepit short term memory; kinda like me trying to get back into a dress I wore when I was 25 but worse!

The wonderful dance teacher Heidi Salverda answered my text with the name of the song; of course I knew the tune and I knew it was Glenn Miller but the name, well that was a bridge too far.

I can’t wait until next Thursday for the next lesson. I’m sure I’m looking younger and straighter. If not, who bloody cares, I FEEL great!

Tap shoes
Very excited to purchase these today FOR ME and ABOUT ME

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