Uplifted on the Red-Eye flight

The red-eye from Queenstown to Auckland on a Saturday morning has been a regular for me and a challenge.

However, on my most recent experience, the atmosphere on the plane was lifted to a new place.

I have always found Air NZ staff to be lovely, helpful and efficient so I wasn’t expecting anything less. I was however pleasantly surprised by the presence, vibe, smile of a particular person.

Over the last two years, I’ve become a frequent flyer. I’d always been envious of those who travelled frequently particularly for work; thinking it sounded terribly glamorous flitting about, staying in hotels and spending a portion of work days in airports,  my favourite place for people watching.

The reality is however quite different from my fantasy ideal.

Missing home, deciding what to pack, actually packing, then re-packing,  living from a small bag (I’m a carry-on only) getting to airports, being on time, booking rental cars, organising accommodation etc; all not so glamorous and had no part in my fantasy!

I heard her before I saw her, bursting with an effervescent energy that I would have normally considered indecent at that hour of the morning but it wasn’t, not at all.

Flight Attendant Megan Lovering is an absolute delight! She loves her job and this is obvious in the authentic and positive connections she makes with others. She has her own quirky words that can’t help but bring a smile, she exudes a love of helping others and her energy appears to know no bounds. She has the ‘x-iest’ of x-factors and uses it to enhance the experience of others.

I felt compelled to share this experience with you. Mostly because I can authenticate the cliches;  one person can make a difference, positive interactions with strangers do enhance our day and one person CAN make a difference.

Megan Lovering
The lovely Megan Lovering exudes positivity and energy and makes authentic connections with people that can’t help make them feel better and the world a better place!

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After 32 years of teaching I'm now full time in the business world, developing a business that I've had for 21 years www.monicamooreproducitons.com and launching my online magazine www.buythedamndress.com. Love it all!

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