Strip it all off!

You want to be happy, satisfied and have joy and meaning in your life?

Of course, you do!!  The universe wants that for YOU, simply because you are a human; unique and wonderfully designed!

The world is speeding up! There’s so much going on leading to endless decisions!!

The flipside of the availability of ‘everything’ at our fingertips is the fatigue, sadness, anxiety, depression and unhappiness.

One way of dealing with this is to take the time to reconnect with ourselves; to just ‘be’.

Strip off the negativity, the self-deprecating thoughts and the stress that the flipside of the abundance of choice, visual stimulus and endless information brings.

Strip off to find the joy that is ‘you’

Strip it back. Go on, yes I mean now. Right now.

Just STOP.

Breathe – feel that breath slowly spreading within you; exhale the stress, drop your shoulders. Repeat.

You are unique and wonderfully made. Your flaws are also the beauty of your human-ness. You ARE enough.

Not easy? Keep practising until it is.

Here’s a recipe to get going with:

  1. Self – take some time out of that 24 hours that is YOUR day just to value you.
    We can ALL find 30 seconds, then try 30 seconds twice a day, then hourly – up the ante – you got this! Ditch the ‘stinking thinking’ and just value – you, your uniqueness, your you-ness.  Make a start and perform regularly and the good old domino effect will kick in – promise!
  2. Others – value, acknowledge and relate to others honouring them with the same value that you give yourself.
  3. Creation Go find or visualise your favourite place; the beach, a mountain, a forest -that tree in the distance outside your office window; wherever.
    Get into your bare feet and feel some nature beneath you – the grass, the dirt, the sand; whatever is nearby. Look up at the sky in its vastness. Channel the positivity energy and feel it as you breathe.Once you have your place KNOW THIS:  You ARE part of something bigger than yourself and you are an important, valid and required part of this complicated beautiful picture of life.

    Without you, there’s a gap, there’s something missing!


Buythedamndress – livethedamnlife!




Published by buythedamndress

After 32 years of teaching I'm now full time in the business world, developing a business that I've had for 21 years and launching my online magazine Love it all!

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