Hello! I’m Monica and welcome to Buy the Damn Dress – a metaphor for empowerment.

You know in my 5 decades+ on this planet, I have noticed that we so easily get distracted and lost in all that is ‘unimportant’.  This can drag us down and suck the joy from life.

That is why I have created this site; so we can share in the joy of our human connectedness.
We are all seeking to make the most of our lives and the articles and posts on this page help to make your day a little better. Feel free to comment on my biz facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MonicaMooreSpeaker

and my website http://www.monicamoore.net
You’ll find my book on there aptly named ‘Buy the Damn Dress’

I welcome your ideas, updates, advice and philosophies!!

We are all connected in our humanity and it is our greatest strength.

Buy the damn dress! Live the damn life! And make those Delicious Decisions – the ones that power up yourself, your workplace and your world!

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