Love The Skin You’re In

So after making the decision to stop colouring my hair (well not quite as it has loads of colours added but no base!) I’ve decided to concentrate on looking after my poor skin which has had a lifetime of specialist care via a facecloth, soap and whatever moisturiser was on special at the super marketContinue reading “Love The Skin You’re In”

I’m more than a piece of meat you know…and so are you!

C’mon!!  It’s time to have a major sort out here! We are so much more than a bag of body parts but the world seems to have gotten more than a little crazy about the physical stuff. The obsession of how flat, how round, how long our ‘parts’ should be is borderline on insanity! Isn’t itContinue reading “I’m more than a piece of meat you know…and so are you!”

Will you take the time to see who I really am?

The title is a line from one of my favourite songs from “Snow White?’ one of our stage musicals at If we take the time to give ourselves the accolades that we deserve, honouring what is great about ourselves, it builds resilience and self assurance. With just busy lifestyles it can be difficult toContinue reading “Will you take the time to see who I really am?”