Introducing Uniquely Inspiring Caroline

A freak accident 12 years ago, followed by surgery resulting in medical misadventure, leaving Caroline Dore in a wheelchair has not stopped this inspiring woman from having a life of love, laughter and dedicated generosity. Caroline has lost time. Her pain relief medication resulted in her life being a hazy blur at times and she remembers very littleContinue reading “Introducing Uniquely Inspiring Caroline”

Physical Attractiveness Part 2

For many years I had the assumption that physically attractive women had it a lot easier. However I learned a very valuable lesson in my 30’s. One afternoon as I lay sleeping on the couch there was a knock at the door. Our living room had a wall of floor to ceiling windows and frenchContinue reading “Physical Attractiveness Part 2”

Introducing Uniquely Inspirational Chloe

Chloe Heath’s mantra is simple. “Every day offers something wonderful and magical if you choose to see it that way.” She is a tower of strength with a 120% positive attitude and approach to her son Cayson’s illness. Born just over a year ago, the first few weeks were pretty good then things became tricky. CaysonContinue reading “Introducing Uniquely Inspirational Chloe”

Introducing Uniquely Inspirational Sarah

  It’s refreshing to hear out of the mouth of someone standing for local body politics that they don’t have all the answers.  It’s even more heartening to hear that they want to consult and represent what people actually want. After attending a local body meeting earlier this year, Sarah Nilson was struck by the lackContinue reading “Introducing Uniquely Inspirational Sarah”

Introducing Uniquely Inspirational Vanessa

To say that Vanessa is a busy person is an understatement. It is her positive outlook and absolute love of life that makes her tick! She’s a natural problem solver and focuses on achieving positive outcomes. She’s married to Cecil, a Mother to three lovely daughters and step mother to two lovely young adults, she worksContinue reading “Introducing Uniquely Inspirational Vanessa”

Your body is not an idiot…

…and neither are you!! Yes I have fallen victim to the diet industry, supported by a photo-shopped media and television and movie imagery. And yes I’ve purchased the abdominizer, the total gym and various other products that were going to turn me into an Elle McPherson clone within 14 days or my money back. ByContinue reading “Your body is not an idiot…”

Will you take the time to see who I really am?

The title is a line from one of my favourite songs from “Snow White?’ one of our stage musicals at If we take the time to give ourselves the accolades that we deserve, honouring what is great about ourselves, it builds resilience and self assurance. With just busy lifestyles it can be difficult toContinue reading “Will you take the time to see who I really am?”